Raw Organic Cocoa Powder and Butter

Cocoa, one of the hottest food commodities on the African continent is readily becoming scarce with growth in demand outstripping growth rate. Governments are also increasing regulations on the cocoa beans making it difficult for companies to outsource cocoa products for their production.

Churchwin Trading comes in as a bridge that would help you outsource your raw cocoa beans and cocoa powder without the need of visiting the continent.

From the grassroots, Churchwin Trading has partnered cocoa farmers with vast acreages of farms and harvest cocoa beans annually that would meet all your demand. Harvesting cocoa beans from source and with processing factories to process into cocoa powder and butter; we are well networked to meet your productions deadlines. This adds significant value to your brand and business.

We at churchwin trading would process, package and ship your cocoa powder and butter to your doorstep saving you lots of time, energy  and costs adding value to your business.