African Black Soap

Our African Black Soap with 50% Shea Butter and other essential oils is made for cleansing, hydrating and calming skin problems. It also helps to balance oily skin for clearer complexions.

We also have the capacity to produce in accordance with client specification to;

  • Ingredients
  • Colour
  • Smell
  • Shape

Our African Black soap special and Organic

Core ingredients found in Our traditional African black soap;

Cocoa Pods – This is the shells that house the treasured cocoa bean and are very rich in antioxidants and also have strong anti-inflammatory properties.

Coconut Oil – This has the special ability to cleans and moisturizes the skin, and helps kick-start the production of collagen.

Palm Kernel Oil­ – Obtained from the seed of Elaeis guineensis generally referred to as palm nuts, palm kernel oil is housed with different kinds of fatty acids.

Shea Butter – Also plentiful in beneficial fatty acids, shea butter is a prized ingredient for silky smooth skin. It helps repair damaged skin tissues and boost the body’s ability to generate collagen. Our black soap is made up of 50% shea butter.

This mixture of plants and fats have been used for centuries for beautiful skin and hair. 

Engagement of rural women in our black soap production goes a long way sustain their livelihood and empower them.